What Makes Us Best?


To contribute towards enhancing the national value and worth placed on social research in Nigeria. To provide adequate and reliable data for personal, national and international benefits. Thereby, making relevant and reliable information for educative and reformative use.


Our mission is to revolutionize the face of research by becoming a strategic talent quiver for upcoming research students from Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. To make them upon graduation, remain relevant by using their disciplinary knowledge in promoting human well-being and sustainable business practice through modern research methodologies, policy advocacy, and effective communication strategies.

Our Services

Research methodological and baseline study

We design blueprints used as a guide in Data collection. It refers to the 'how' a data is collected.

Questionnaire design

We design the format and questions in the survey instrument that will be used in collecting data about social phenomenon.

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

Retrieving data from study population, cleaning, organizing processing, organizing, analysing and interpreting them to provide testable facts and inferences.

Conceptual Framework and Project Edit

Mapping out or visualizing theoretical threads from literatures to form diagrammatic representation of inter-relatedness
structure of assumptions, principles, and rules that holds together the ideas comprising a broad concept of a study. We also assist with organizing and finalizing completed research projects.,

Data Entry/Coding

Direct input of data in the appropriate data fields of a database through the use of human data-input devices, software and
analytics- transforming data, in both quantitative forms (such as questionnaires results) or qualitative form (such as interview transcripts), categorizing them to facilitate analysis.

Literature Sourcing and Review

Despite the ambiguity of research topics, literature sourcing is made simple and useful.

Social and Marketing Research

We provide systematic investigation of the behaviour, needs, attitudes,
opinions, motivations or other characteristics of a whole population or a particular part of a population, in order to provide objective, accurate and timely information to clients (private, government, commercial and not-for-profit organizations) about issues relevant to their organizations, to support their decision-making processes processes

Project Monitoring & Evaluation expert

We offer consultative service on step by step guide on social research.

Research Training School

Training on the use of statistical softwares like STATA, e-view, Atlas.ti, epidata, SPSS, Excel etc